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Merit is currently looking for a Roofing Foreman to join our team. This is a Union position through the Local 1382.

We primarily work within Rochester but do travel to surrounding areas often. We return to the shop daily.

Job Description

  • Position Purpose and Objectives:

    • A Roofing Foreman is responsible for leading a Project Roofing crew to perform work safely and productively per specifications and to the standards of the company and customer, as well as:

  • Provide leadership to a crew—fostering safety, teamwork and discipline—resulting in efficient and professional roofing installation

  • Effectively manage labor, materials, equipment and administrative work

Specific Duties, Functions, and Responsibilities

  • Lead a crew to install roof systems efficiently and safely

    • Providing regular coaching, training, evaluation and feedback

    • Influence crew to work safely and be disciplined and efficient 

    • Examine roof and penetrations to plan jobs, and strategically assign and allocate work to crew members, taking their desires, skills and temperaments into consideration

    • Communicate and manage job-specific safety plans prior to the start of every job, conducting job-site audits and making alterations as conditions change

    • Be an active participant or leader of weekly safety meetings

    • Perform installation duties as necessary

  • Meet production and quality goals

    • Plan daily work goals to complete jobs on time, striking an appropriate balance between speed and quality

    • Manage work flow of crew and subcontractors

    • Ensure quality and installation according to specifications and plans

    • Keep projects on budget

    • Solve field application problems with a minimum amount of supervision, notifying salesperson or supervisor when a specified installation is not possible

  • Deliver excellent customer service

    • Know when customers have communicated specific concerns or requests and make every effort to honor their instructions

  • Manage job sites, equipment and materials

    • Maintain a jobsite that complies with all safety guidelines

    • Enforce safety regulations with everyone on a job site, including visitors and customers

    • Inspect safety equipment and PPE before use each day

    • Ensure roofs are safe and watertight at the end of each day, materials and equipment are stored safely and a fire watch is in place if necessary

  • Exhibit exemplary responsiveness and personal leadership with all field and office personnel

    • Communicate regularly with supervisor regarding work and personnel issues

    • Supervise crew time sheets 

    • Record work performed daily

    • Requisition materials and keep accurate materials and equipment reports

    • Participate in operations and customer meetings as necessary

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Work skills – Foremen must exhibit basic communication and roofing skills necessary to manage the complex task of roof system installation.

  • Language skills – able to read, interpret and write written instructions in a professional manner

  • Communication – the ability to communicate effectively as required

  • Technology – the ability to use computers, phones and other relevant technology tools

  • Roof system installation – the ability to execute and teach others to execute roof system installation skills

  • Safety and security – the ability to identify and correct unsafe conditions according to company and OSHA standards, using equipment and materials appropriately

  • Quality – attention to detail and quality assurance of project and crew members

  • Productivity – demonstrates the ability to meet and exceed standards, works quickly and accurately

  • Cost consciousness – understands budgeting and implications to jobs. Works within approved budget

Relational Interaction

​Foremen must be able to thrive in a dynamic, interactive environment.

  • Customer service – desire to help customers even in difficult situations

    • Manages difficult or emotional customer situations

    • Solicits customer feedback to improve service

  • Problem solving – ability to understand complex problems and make decisions that will benefit everyone as much as possible

    • Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner

    • Gathers and analyzes information skillfully

    • Displays willingness to make decisions

Leadership, Management, and Teamwork

​Foremen must be able to work well with others and within a company system.

  • Leadership – motivates others to perform

    • Develops subordinates’ skills and encourages growth

  • Management – ability to juggle schedules, details and outcomes

    • Prioritizes and plans work activities

    • Makes timely decisions

  • Teamwork– desire to work with others to accomplish goals 

    • Shares expertise with others

    • Balances team and individual responsibilities

Education and Experience

  • Essential

    • Valid driver’s license

  • Preferred

    • OSHA 30-hour card

    • Specialized training: Asbestos site supervisor and Scaffold Competent Person

Physical Requirements

  • The ability to climb and descend a 40-foot extension type ladder, unassisted

  • The ability to work at heights in excess of 10 feet

  • The ability to repeatedly lift and carry roofing materials up to 75 lbs.

  • The ability to work in a variety of physical positions including, but not limited to; stooping, squatting, kneeling and/or crawling

  • Extensive, daily use of arms and shoulders

  • The ability to regularly grip and safely use small and large power tools 

  • The ability to work in a variety of outdoor weather conditions throughout the year

About Merit Contracting

Merit Contracting is your source for quality roofing and sheet metal in SE Minnesota. We are proud members of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association. Merit has also been recognized as a Firestone Master Contractor. It is Merit's policy to strive for the highest safety standard possible in all of our operations and projects. Employees at all levels of the organization are trained in safety policies and procedures. Regard for the safety of the general public, our own employees, and the employees of our subcontractors are the supreme responsibility of all employees in our organization.

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