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Asset Management

Merit's Asset Management program is designed to obtain and then organize all of your roofing and wall information on your own secure page. The purpose of Annual Inspections is to obtain a general overview of the current condition of your roofs and walls. These inspections may uncover the need for repairs in a variety of categories including: damage to the system, debris on roofs, drainage issues, metal flashing defects, as well as wall and chimney conditions. The following is included with the program:


  • AutoCAD Drawings of Individual Roofs

  • Roof Numbering System

  • Inspection by Full-Time Certified Roof Inspector with 35+ years of Experience in Roofing Industry

  • Documentation and Photographs of Roof Defects

  • Assessment of Individual Roofs Using 10 Different Criteria to Determine the ERSL

  • Comprehensive Roof Analysis Report


  • Database to Store Individual Roof Information

  • Estimated Remaining Service Life (ERSL) of each roof system

  • Repair Priority Classification (Immediate or Life Extension Repair)

  • Repair Cost Analysis Benefit

  • Maintenance Budgets & Capital Forecasts

  • Online Access 24/7

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