Merit's Asset Management program is designed to obtain and then organize all of your roofing and wall information on your own secure page. The purpose of Annual Inspections is to obtain a general overview of the current condition of your roofs and walls. These inspections may uncover the need for repairs in a variety of categories including: damage to the system, debris on roofs, drainage issues, metal flashing defects, as well as wall and chimney conditions. The following is included with the program:


  • AutoCAD Drawings of Individual Roofs

  • Roof Numbering System

  • Inspection by Full-Time Certified Roof Inspector with 35+ years of Experience in Roofing Industry

  • Documentation and Photographs of Roof Defects

  • Assessment of Individual Roofs Using 10 Different Criteria to Determine the ERSL

  • Comprehensive Roof Analysis Report


  • Database to Store Individual Roof Information

  • Estimated Remaining Service Life (ERSL) of each roof system

  • Repair Priority Classification (Immediate or Life Extension Repair)

  • Repair Cost Analysis Benefit

  • Maintenance Budgets & Capital Forecasts

  • Online Access 24/7