Construction Specialties

Rooftop Plazas & Vegetated Roofs

Rooftop plazas and vegetated systems are being designed into rooftop systems at an increasing rate. Merit can provide in-house design as well as design assistance with these systems.

patio systems

For rooftop patio systems, Merit can work with the Owner, Architect, and/or Contractor to design the rooftop patio that suits your needs. Merit specializes in installing:

  • Kemper Plaza Assembly

  • Hydrotech Ultimate Assembly

vegetated roof

Garden and lawn roof systems are being used more often as a means to combat urban heat island effect as well as rooftop water management.

Merit specializes installing systems such as:

  • Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly

  • Kemper Green Roof Assembly

railing systems

Railing systems in conjunction with rooftop plazas aid in being a windbreak, can become a privacy screen, and also obstructs view of the adjacent roofing systems.

Materials used can include:

  • Aluminum post/rail system

  • Acid Etched glass

  • Composite panel for a finished base