We are currently looking for a Foreman to join our team. We mainly work in Rochester but do travel to surrounding areas and Iowa. We return to the shop daily.


Pay Rate Range: $19.22/hour - $31/hour (based on experience)

Job description:

The Foreman will perform a variety of duties relating to the application of roofing materials:

  •  Removes existing roofs and covers structural decks with roofing materials other than sheet metal, including composition built up roofs containing asphalt or pitch, roofing felts and gravel; modified bitumen systems; single ply roofing membranes; and materials including ACRM asbestos-containing roof material, as trained. 

  • Lays and adheres insulation, in asphalt or by mechanically fastening with nails or screws and plates. 

  • Applies asphalt or pitch to roof using push or pull type felt machines or by mop. 

  • When applying modified bitumen to roof, mops hot asphalt or spreads adhesive mastic onto roof and imbeds the membrane or uses propane torch to heat the bottom of the membrane and rolls membrane onto roof until roof covering is specified. 

  • When applying EPDM, PVC or other single ply membranes, rolls out the roofing membrane and seals the seams as specified by the manufacturer of the membrane. 

  • Cuts roofing materials to size. 

  • Cuts strips of flashing and fits into angles formed by walls, vents and intersecting roof surfaces. 

  • The Foreman also performs other job-related duties as may be assigned.

Major Responsibilities & Tasks:

The Foreman must be able to perform work duties as assigned and have a practical understanding of the following responsibilities and tasks:

A. Safety:  The Foreman is responsible for the overall safety at the job site and the safety of the employees, including:

  1. Enforcing all safety policies

  2. Overseeing set up of fall protection

  3. Maintaining presence of MSDS sheets and informing employees’ as to its presence

  4. Enforcing smoking rules and fire prevention rules

  5. On-site supervisor for asbestos


B. Roof Technology:  The Foreman is directly responsible for a project in regard to:

  1. Production

  2. Quality

  3. Temporary water-tightness


C. Material Management.  The Foreman is responsible for:

  1. Planning, scheduling, and coordination with office staff regarding material and equipment requirements

  2. Names and uses of materials

  3. Roof top transportation of materials

  4. Roof top storage of materials

  5. Ensuring the project is clean, wind-proof, and watertight during construction


D. Equipment Operation:  The Foreman must be proficient in the use of all equipment used in roofing applications.

E. Hand Tools Required:
The individual must own and possess, at minimum, the following tools while on the job:

  • Hammer.                               

  • Flat bar.

  • Caulk gun.

  • Scissors.

  • Trowel.

  • Tape measure.

  • Utility knife.

  • Tool belt.


  • In order to perform the duties of this position, the following skills and abilities are required:

  • The ability to climb and descend a 40 foot extension type ladder unassisted; the ability to work at heights in excess of 10 feet.

  • The ability to repeatedly lift and carry roofing materials daily such as: rolls of roofing felt weighing approximately 75 pounds each.

  • The ability to cut, hammer, fasten, and otherwise work with roofing materials.

  • The ability to work in a variety of physical positions:  including stooping, squatting, kneeling and crawling.  Extensive use of arms and shoulders, gripping and safe use of small and large hand power tools.

  • The ability to perform basic math functions

  • The ability to communicate effectively and follow written or verbal instructions and safety rules.

  • The ability to work in a variety of outdoor weather conditions throughout the year, including but not limited to, excessive heat or cold.

  • The use of tobacco products will not be permitted on work sites as directed by building owner.  Foreman will notify employee when this rule applies.  Violation of this rule may result in immediate termination.


  • Health Insurance

  • Employer paid Dental, Vision, Life, AD&D, and Short Term Disability

  • 401k with Employer Match

  • Holiday Pay

About Merit Contracting

Merit Contracting is your source for quality roofing and sheet metal in SE Minnesota. We are proud members of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association. Merit has also been recognized as a Firestone Master Contractor. It is Merit's policy to strive for the highest safety standard possible in all of our operations and projects. Employees at all levels of the organization are trained in safety policies and procedures. Regard for the safety of the general public, our own employees, and the employees of our subcontractors are the supreme responsibility of all employees in our organization.