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Merit is currently looking for Sheet Metal Fabricators - Part time and Full Time 

 to join our team. 

Job Description

Under supervision, the Sheet Metal Fabricator performs a variety of duties relating, but not limited to; cutting and/or shaping metal from sheet or coil form into usable parts for assembly or aftermarket needs, ability to produce quality fabricated parts while remaining in compliance with required specifications, demonstrated ability to read blueprints and follow instruction, proper set-up and operation of the CNC brake and other Sheet Metal equipment and other duties as assigned. 

Specific Duties, Functions, and Responsibilities

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
The Sheet Metal Fabrication Laborer must be able to perform work duties as assigned and have a practical understanding of the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Safety: Must be able to perform all work in an efficient and safe manner. Responsible for having a clear understanding of Merit trained safety policies and procedures including, but not limited to; Personal Protection Equipment, Fall Protection and Hazard Communication/ Employee Right to Know. 

  • Material Management: Ability to keep accurate accounting/inventory of materials consumed and quantities produced in the Sheet Metal Fabrication department to avoid production delays as well as the ability to work with different forms of sheet metal such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc.

  • Equipment Operation: Ability to demonstrate safe operation of equipment including, but not limited to; Sheet Metal Shear, Sheet Metal Brake, Roll Former and Track Welder. 

  • Tools Requirement: Ability to select the appropriate measuring tools for verification of parts to required specifications.

Organizational Relationships

This position will directly report to the Sheet Metal Fabrication Foreman or Lead. There will be frequent interaction with Project Managers as well as regular interaction with other Sheet Metal, Roofing, Walls, Service and Yard personnel.

Experience and/or Educational Requirements

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required.

  • Experience in a construction-related industry and/or job, preferred.

  • The ability to cut, hammer, fasten and otherwise work with sheet metal fabrication materials.

  • The ability to correctly convert and solve mathematical conversions and measurements including, but not limited to; converting fractions, converting decimals, reading a tape measure, and properly using a tape measure.

  • Demonstrated ability to read and understand blueprints, work orders, written fabrication instructions and properly complete and understand production-related paperwork.

  • Demonstrated ability to operate in a team environment to achieve departmental and productivity goals.

  • The ability to communicate effectively and follow written or verbal instructions and safety rules.

Physical Requirements

  • The ability to climb and descend a 40-foot extension type ladder, unassisted.

  • The ability to work at heights in excess of 10 feet.

  • The ability to repeatedly lift and carry materials such as, 75-pound rolls of roofing felt, daily.

  • The ability to work in a variety of physical positions including, but not limited to; Stooping, squatting, kneeling and/or crawling.

  • Extensive, daily use of arms and shoulders.

  • The ability to regularly grip and safely use small and large power tools.

  • The ability to work in a variety of outdoor weather conditions throughout the year.

About Merit Contracting

Merit Contracting is your source for quality roofing and sheet metal in SE Minnesota. We are proud members of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association. Merit has also been recognized as a Firestone Master Contractor. It is Merit's policy to strive for the highest safety standard possible in all of our operations and projects. Employees at all levels of the organization are trained in safety policies and procedures. Regard for the safety of the general public, our own employees, and the employees of our subcontractors are the supreme responsibility of all employees in our organization.


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