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Asset Management

A Proactive Solution for Your Building Enclosure and Budget

Merit's annual inspections provide up-to-date information and help to identify deficiencies before they become more significant problems. Our goal is to extend the life of your building by providing the highest level of service and fiscal responsibility. 

What is Asset Management?

For over 15 years, Merit's Asset Management Program has provided our clients with annual inspections of their contracted assets, both roofing inspections and also inspections of exterior wall assemblies. Our inspector's field reports are provided to our Asset Management team and compiled to create an overview of the remaining service life of the components of your building enclosure's immediate and future repair needs. 

Key Components of Merit Asset Management

  • Generate drawings of applicable roof areas and wall elevations 

  • Extensive inspection by Merit's certified inspector

  • Assessment of findings to determine the estimated remaining service life (ERSL) of all roof areas 

  • Compilation of comprehensive report detailing potential repair locations

Benefits to our Clients

Through access to a web-based dashboard, our clients are able to view:

  • Overview of full roof with each area classified with its own ERSL

  • Summary of immediate repairs and life extension repairs

  • Full repair cost analysis benefit

  • Maintenance Budgets & 10 Year Capital Forecasts

Our dashboard provides 24/7 online access to all above information. And additionally, provides your maintenance staff with a portal to send service requests immediately to our service representatives. 

Bradd Walton, RRO


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"Merit Contracting Asset Management Program provides me with all the data and information I need to fully manage the Annual Capital Expenditures related to our roofing structures...I highly recommend this program, you will experience positive results."

- J.M. 

Facility Operations Manager

Laura Sheehan

Inspection Manager

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